How To Wash a Sleeping Bag: 7 Easy Steps for Best Cleaning

If you are a camping lover then you will definitely have a special attachment with your sleeping bag. We are sure that the warmth and coziness of the sleeping bag would not let you stay away from it for a long time.

And if you really are a traveler then your sleeping bag needs to be well maintained and presentable at all times. This is because you are using your sleeping bag in different ways and in different areas.

If you are camping then you might be using it on the ground. And that is why there are chances that the sleeping bag gets dirty and worn out more often. 

The real challenge arises when you want to wash a sleeping bag. Of course, it is not a piece of cloth that can be simply thrown into a washing machine to clean it.

A sleeping bag is huge to carry even when you are using it during traveling. You might need assistance even while folding the sleeping bag or opening it. That is why washing a sleeping bag is a big challenge for users.

You might be curious to know how to wash a sleeping bag. But hold on!

We will discuss important queries before and then mention amazing tips on how to wash a sleeping bag. So buckle your belts and gear up to know all!

How Many Times Can You Wash a Sleeping Bag?

Before knowing the tips on how to wash a sleeping bag, we are sure you must be curious to know how often you should wash it.

Well, the best part about sleeping bags is that there is no need to wash it frequently, after every trip. But make sure you at least wash it once a year.

It even depends on how frequently you are using your sleeping bag, as discussed above, if you are a frequent traveler then you might need to launder it frequently. 

What is the Best Time to Wash a Sleeping Bag?

The best time to wash your sleeping bag is before keeping it in the storage. This is because body moisturizers, oils, and other greasy residue clogs the fabric and stays there forever.

Sometimes these residues also create brown and yellow patches on the fabric making it look dirtier and untidy. In this case, it is essential to wash a sleeping bag before storing it. 

Amazing Tips on How to Wash a Sleeping Bag:

As discussed earlier, there are incredible tips that will help you know how to wash a sleeping bag. 7 tips will be discussed below in detail.

Make sure you follow them orderly and wash your bag as mentioned. In this way, you will even get an idea of how to handle the sleeping bag while washing it. 

1. Gather the Necessary Supplies:

You can wash your sleeping bag in two ways. Either you hand wash it or you use a washing machine to give a front-load to it. Generally, giving a hand wash to the sleeping bag is considered to be better. 

So if you are planning to go for a hand wash then make sure to grab the basic supplies like a mild sleeping bag detergent or a bathtub. 

But if you are washing it in a machine then make sure you give it a front load only. The machine should have an agitator. This is because it might ruin the fabric of the sleeping bag. 

2. Start Preparing to Wash:

Before starting to wash the sleeping bag you need to ensure its fabric and material. Check if the sleeping bag is made of synthetic material of natural down. Having a natural down sleeping bag is pretty convenient to hand wash. However, washing synthetics in the machine is the best decision. Make sure there are not agitators as they ruin the fluffiness of the bag. 

So to hand wash the bag start by filling the tub and mixing the washing powder to dip the bag. You should not wash it with liquid soap or any detergent like bleach.

3. Dip the Sleeping Bag:

Next, turn your sleeping bag upside down and make sure that you have closed the zip. This method is for both, hand washing as well as machine wash. In this way, all the debris is removed and cleaned from the sleeping bag. Leave the bag soaked in the tub for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

4. Agitate the Bag Gently:

Don’t be too harsh with the sleeping bag while scrubbing it or agitating it. You need to be gentle so that the fluffiness is not destroyed. The best way is to walk on the sleeping bag to agitate it gently and equally. Continue the process until you observe that the bag is intensely cleaned. 

5. Drain all the Water:

First, drain the dirty soapy water from your tub. Gently squeeze the sleeping bag to take out all the dirt and the water. You can do this by gently agitating the bag or walking on it. Be careful while picking up the bag as it will be extremely heavy due to water. Make sure you do not rip the sleeping bag while lifting it. Never wring it as it might flatten the insulation.  

6. Rinse the Bag:

To rinse the sleeping bag again use cold water and fill the tub. Gently submerge the sleeping bag and repeat the above-mentioned process to take out the soap. Leave the bag in the tub for a maximum of 15 minutes and let the water drain well.

7. Air Dry Your Bag:

Last but not the least, always air dry your sleeping bag. Hand the bag on the rope in your backyard and make sure it is well balanced. The drying process takes a long time so you need to be patient. 

We are sure these 7 tips on how to wash a sleeping bag might be helpful for you. Make sure you deal with your sleeping bag gently and keep it clean to avoid any skin allergies.

You can also follow this amazing video to wash your sleeping bag.

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